The magocracy of Netheril was one of the ancient human empires of Faerûn. Netheril was home to the most powerful wizard who ever walked on Faerun, Karsus. The Netherese also created powerful artifacts known as mythallars, which allow mundane objects to become magical, dramatically changing the face of the Empire.


However, people in Netheril used magic carelessly. Great wizards used spells to turn the mountains upside down, made them float and built cities on them. Netheril was destroyed by Karsus’s Folly: an attempt to become an avatar of Mystryl (who sacrificed herself and was replaced by Mystra), in a last ditch effort to save Netheril from the invading Phaerimm. When this happened all magic ceased to exist for a time. Since Netherese cities floated above the surface, when magic ceased to exist there was nothing to hold the cities up. Netheril was completely obliterated in one fell swoop, and eventually became the desert of Anauroch, a warning to those who quested for power and flew too close to the sun.

The reborn Empire of Netheril now stretches from the edge of the High Ice south to the Farsea Swamp, the former desert land of Anauroch once again becoming fertile and the arid desert fading. Rivers now flow from the melting glaciers, rain falls, temperatures are moderate, and in some places vegetation is particularly lush. Netheril is a land reborn, despite its cruel overlords.

The Twelve Princes rule Netheril from their capital city of Shade Enclave (known also as Shade and, formerly, Thultanthar), the lone city of old that escaped ancient Netheril’s collapse. These incalculably powerful mages threaten all of Faerûn’s nations.

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