Paladin and ward of the temple of Torm in Waterdeep. Sole survivor of Tiamat's destruction of the temple.


Baldur was made a ward of the temple of Torm by his mother at a very young age. Little was ever known about his mother or father (or at least such was told to Baldur by the clerics of the temple). Baldur grew up serving as a servant in the temple, gradually studying ancient scrolls and prayers and serving as an acolyte as he grew older under the tutelage of the High Priest Augustine, head cleric of the temple. Baldur’s physical prowess and toughness was also noticed by the paladins serving the temple as he came into manhood. After mornings filled with prayer and studies with the clerics, Baldur would spend his afternoons and evenings training with the temple Paladins.

During the spell plaugue, many of the Temples Paladins were sent on quests to aid Faerun during the time of tradgedy. This time coincided with Baldur’s 20th year, at which point Baldur was appointed head protector of the Temple of Torm. Many difficult years were spent in the duty of protecting the Temple during the chaotic times ensuing after the great storm. However, those experiences only marginally prepared Baldur for what was to come.

One day, upon nightfall in the middle of Deepwinter in Baldur’s 30th year, violent screams and cries of terror were heard outside the Temple of Torm. Baldur assembled what Paladin’s remained in his duty to confront whatever terror lay outside the temple gates. No one, not even Baldur, was prepared for the visage of the five-headed dragon goddess Tiamat that greeted them as they emerged from the temple. Tiamat in her chaotic and enraged ecstasy had begun burning all who attempted to flee, and had landed on top of the temple, tearing it’s roof asunder in a hail of stone and ruble. Many clerics still in the temple died immediately under the crushing rain of debris.

High Priest Augustine managed to escape, and joined the paladins in their efforts to fight Tiamat, however, their bravery could not stem Tiamat’s rage. One by one Paladins fell until only Baldur and High Priest Augustine remained, both near death and seriously wounded. At last Tiamat’s rage seemed to abide, to be replaced by her maniacal and malicious laughter. Upon realizing Tiamat had found and stolen one of the temple’s most sacred scrolls of Bahamut, High Priest Augustine summoned what strength he had to stand before Tiamat, sending a blaze of radiant energy into the dragon, causing her to stumble backward. The blast was not enough however, as Tiamat whipped her giant razored tail at High Priest Augustine severing his body nearly asunder. Baldur, drifting out of conciseness, could do nothing but watch as Tiamat flew off into the wintery darkness, and as the man he had known as almost a father bleed to death, turning the white snow still falling, crimson red.

Weeks passed as Baldur recovered, but all that remained was the bitter truth that all Baldur knew had been destroyed. Sensing Baldurs devine rage, one day Baldur was visited by the image of Bahamut himself. In the vision, Bahamut commanded Baldur to seek out Tiamat, and to recover the scroll which rightly belonged to the Platinum Dragon.

With the Platinum Dragon’s strength and blessing, Baldur sets out from Waterdeep to recover what Tiamat has stolen, and to seek righteous revenge for the destruction upon the Temple of Torm, and for the death of his mentor.


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