Chaos In The Aftermath

The Darkness of the Catacombs

Convenient Prayers

After parting ways with Borlem, the party was left in the final room of the ramparts staring at a crumbling tunnel into the darkness of the Spellgard Catacombs. After finding a set of trapped stones in the floor and walls filled with arrow slits, the party sent Meriele in to do the dirty work of attempting to disable the traps. After some poking and prying, Meriele successfully disabled the trap and the group headed into the catacombs.

The catacombs prove to be a dark and dank place; with no light and numerous waterways running throughout the group proceeds cautiously. Once more the wizard casts a light spell on Baldur’s armor and he serves as the group’s beacon. They move slowly and stay close together so as to not get lost in the overwhelming blackness. The party explores the first chamber, which appears to be a burial chamber for servants of ancient Spellgard. During their exploration they are attacked by Shadowhunter Bats and a deformed humanoid skeleton. The bats focus mainly on the flaming form of Ujaii and bedevil her with constant flyby attacks. Ujaii vows vengeance and eventually incinerates several of the bats before the group turns their focus to the skeleton.

After the battle and a quick check of the area, Baldur heads through the spiked iron gate, only to discover the hard way that it was trapped. He is impaled and held pinned behind the door. Meriele attempts to make amends with Baldur for missing detection of the trap by examining the trap mechanism and finding a way to release him. With Baldur free and his wounds mended the group continues through the Catacombs.

In the next room, Baldur, still oozing from his recent impalement wants to explore a metal grate guarding the canals running under the room. Even after noticing the splashing of some rather large rats he seems determined to pry back the gate and jump in for a swim. Ujaii and Meriele finally convince Baldur that maybe he should skip the swim in rat infested, murky waters for now. The group proceeds carefully again and is able to detect a false floor trap which Meriele successfully disarms.

Next, the group arrives in what they determine to be the Arcanist’s vault. Meriele and Ujaii decide to inspect the individual vaults once they have determined the chamber itself is safe. Baldur objects to disturbing the vaults, claiming he will take no part in violating the private tombs. Baldur kneels to prey to Bahamut for guidance in front of one of the chambers. Ujaii gives Baldur a swift kick and sends his heavily armored frame crashing through the door. Agitated, Baldur returns to his prayers. Ujaii and Meriele combine to discover a trapped ritual book in the first chamber. Meriele manages to deactivate the trap by altering the arcane runes and finds a useful ritual within. Meriele and Ujaii continue on, finding and disarming more ritual books with only one mishap, leaving Meriele with a face full of burnt embers and slightly singed hands. The group saves the final larger vault for last. Inside they find additional treasure, whereupon Baldur suddenly appears in the doorway claiming that Bahamut gave him allowance to take anything useful to his quest from the vaults. Baldur is delighted while the rest of the group remains wary that such divine guidance came only moments before discovering a holy Symbol of Shielding. The group collects its take and moves on leaving the dead wizards to their darkness.


Baldur would like to insist that his prayers where answered well in advance of the discovery of the Holy Symbol of Shielding, and that the suspicion of impropriety by the rest of the part is misplaced.

The Darkness of the Catacombs

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