Chaos In The Aftermath

The Big Bad

Big, but maybe not so bad?

The group continues down into the catacombs. Baldur finds a magical sword but unable to identify its capabilities he decides to play it safe and temporarily sheaths the sword. The heroes soon find Jalissa who clings dreamily to the arm of her heroic rescuer, Baldur. While the rest of the group tries not to gag, Jallisa happily uses her arcane knowledge to identify Baldur’s magical sword, a Medic’s Longsword. Baldur heads off into the catacombs in hopes of finding some goblins to break-in his new weapon.


Baldur gets his wish and maybe more when he stumbles upon Sinruth, the supposed leader of the new Red Hand of Doom. Sinruth fights with reckless abandon and screams in furious rage, but his fury gets the better of him and he suffers several critical misses. The group manages to slowly wear away at Sinruth’s defenses while Meriele uses the terrain to their advantage and knocks Sinruth into icy cold Menhirs positioned around the room. Sinruth finally regains his senses and unleashes several punishing attacks upon Baldur. He is able to trip up Baldur several times with his spiked chain and viciously stomp him while down. Baldur recovers but not before Sinruth’s chain raps him up again, this time yanking him feverishly into his spiked shield. But just as Baldur’s legs begin to weaken beneath him, Ujai and Meriele unleash a torrent of magic that fells the goblin chieftain. The group exhales a sigh of relief as Sinruth’s body slumps noisily to the ground.

In Sinruth’s lair, the group finds two of the artifacts stolen from Fallcrest and a worrisome note on the chieftain’s corpse. The note instructs Sinruth to attack Fallcrest and sow chaos and discord. It suggests that he may take prisoners to appease the wraiths inhabiting the catacombs of Rivenroar. The note also suggests that there may be other factions of the Red Hand returning and that bigger plans beyond the raid on Fallcrest are in the works. The note is signed simply, “The Emissary.”

The party decides to sleep for the night and recover their strength, before continuing their rescue efforts. However, they feel some renewed urgency as the note suggests that hungry wraiths may be awaiting a feast of the remaining captives.



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