Chaos In The Aftermath

Into the Tower

The group awakens after a much needed rest, recovered from their battle with the vampire Barthus. They gather up their things and set off still deeper into the Catacombs of Spellgard. The party soon comes upon a chamber that appears to be the ancient funerary chapel of Spellgard. They notice that this is the first room they have found in the catacombs with its own light source, four bronze braziers burning in the corners of the room. The group realizes that whatever is burning in those braziers is highly caustic, and as they enter the room they begin to feel faint and light-headed. They make a quick check for any dangers, noting a gruesome sight of five corpses hanging from the rafters with nooses tight around their necks. Meriele and Ujaii decide to make a quick run for the far door to avoid the stench of the braziers; however, Baldur stops to consider cutting down the bodies from their suspensions. Suddenly, the eyes snap open and the five corpses animate into shrieking, screeching vampires. The battle is joined but as the party begins to gain the upper hand on their ambushers, a corpse vampire rises from behind a set of pews and attacks.

After making quick work of the Barthus’ vampire spawn, the group turns their attention to their next nemesis. The vampire shifts rapidly around the room keeping the group off balance. The vampire corpse closes in and grabs Baldur by his armor and pulls him in close, biting deeply into his neck. The vampire becomes reinvigorated and Baldur becomes weakened, almost too faint to stand under the weight of his armor. The emanations from the braziers complicate the battle, as the group has to fight hard to maintain their composure, but they finally get the better of the corpse vampire and he collapses into a heap. Before departing the room for a short rest, the group endures the brazier vapors for a few moments more to search the vampire corpses for mad loot. After Ujaii makes a quick joke about finding another alabaster pillar, Baldur pulls two carefully cut pieces of alabaster from the pocket of one of the spawn. The group hangs onto the two stone pieces in case they may come in handy later.

The group leaves the room and takes a short rest before continuing on. The group soon comes upon another room. Baldur begins to move into the room but is quickly grabbed from behind by Meriele who points out several slightly raised tiles on the stone floor. The group determines that many of the stones in the floor are trapped and notes what appear to be drains in the floor and ceiling. The group briefly discusses purposely triggering the trap for fun or disarming it for good measure, only to decide to carefully navigate the room, leaving the trap as it lays.

The group is soon making their way down a series of dark, damp passageways. The passage sometimes splits but leads only to collapsed rumble and a dead end. The group continues on and begins to notice the air becoming less damp, signs of mold and moisture on the walls decrease. The group emerges from the passageway and into a series of storerooms they believe to lie beneath the ancient Scepter Tower. Moving through a series of old storage rooms the group discovers a large cask. Baldur decides to take a closer look and opens the spigot to determine the cask’s contents. Although it appears to be very stale ale, Baldur feels the drive to determine that fact conclusively, while Meriele and Ujaii shake their heads in disbelief. After determining the the ale is in fact quite old and quite stale, Baldur leads the group onward.

Soon the party comes to a well lit hall guarded by a group of gnomes, who appear to be guarding a large set of double doors, which perhaps lead into the Scepter Tower proper. The group engages the gnomes in battle and makes quick work of the small pointy eared creatures. Upon their corpses, they find 3 more pieces of carefully carved alabaster.



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