Chaos In The Aftermath

Into the Ramparts

Wererats? What the heck are wererats?

The adventurers take Brother Allendi’s advice and set off in search of Kal Clewsoro’s camp, hoping that he has more knowledge of the strange happenings amidst the ruins. The group locates the camp and is met by a pair of guards. The noise the party makes trying to coerce the guards into allowing them entry attracts the attention of Kal Clewsoro himself. Clewsoro is short with the group and urges them to leave lest they start a fight; he has money to make and no time for their interests or those of the monks. While trying to convince Clewsoro to divulge anything he may have seen among the ruins, the party spots a Dark Creeper chained to a stake at the outskirts of the camp. Clewsoro tells them the creature and its plight are none of their business, but seeing an opening Ujai makes a strategic play on Clewsoro’s business sense and convinces Clewsoro to entertain their questions for a moment longer. The group finally chides Clewsoro into allowing them into the camp to speak to the prisoner, but Clewsoro posts a guard to watch their every move and only allow them only near the prisoner.

The group approaches the prisoner and upon a closer inspection finally realizes the dark creatures seen amongst the ruins must be Dark Creepers, beings rumored to live among the Shadar-kai in the Underdark, much the way as halflings are often found in human populations in Faerun. The creature wants nothing to do with the band unless they mean to free him. Baldur initially wishes to free the creature in exchange for information, believing that it is not just for Clewsoro to keep the creature chained up even if it was caught stealing. However, some urging from Ujai changes Baldur’s mind and he agrees to intimidate the creature, offering death now but perhaps a chance for freedom if he provides useful information. A masterful bluff on Baldur’s part has the creature spilling his guts and the group soon learns that the creature’s master, Thorin, has them searching the ruins for alabaster pillars as part of an unknown binding ritual. He also indicates that Thorin initially gained entrance to the Scepter Tower from the Ramparts to the north. Baldur again defends the creature and wishes to free it even under the watch of Clewsoro’s guards. Ujai again disarms the situation and convinces Baldur to leave the shadowy and guileful creature behind.

The group departs the camp and heads north to a section of the ramparts that are still intact. After some external scouting the group heads in through an unlocked door in a portion of guard-tower that looks recently repaired. Carefully moving inside they manage to sneak up on and corner a preoccupied (thanks to a well place ghost sound from Meriele) halfling who introduces himself as Malcolm Darano. He tells them he is a seeker of the lady and treasure in the ruins and that he is just looking around. The party has noticed what appears to be an alarm rope and they keep Malcolm cut off from it and cornered. While they do not attempt to intimidate or harm the halfling they are cautious and wary. The group continues their questioning as Malcolm becomes more edgy and skittish. Finally, he screams, “To hell with this,” and begins a frightening transformation. The party is taken aback and stands, mouths agape, at the sight of a wererat. The wererat lunges at the group but is shortly defeated, leaving the group wondering what just happened. Never having seen a wererat before the party is surprised that tales of such were-animals are true.

Baldur follows a hunch and leads the group to the top of the guard tower rather than across the rampart walls. The hunch pays off and the group finds a long lost room filled with mostly rotting and degenerated armor and supplies; however, buried amid the scrap they find several sets of magical armor which they quickly liberate from the musty room.

After some additional exploration, the group makes its way across the length of the ramparts following the alarm rope they spotted earlier. They carefully approach the door at the end of a long hallway and determine that the room on the other side is well occupied. The group bursts through the door in full battle form hoping to startle and intimidate but suddenly realizing they are heavily outnumbered. However, instead of being attacked, another halfling yells to the guards to stand their ground. Both parties stand facing each other weapons drawn in complete silence. The party breaks the quiet by slowly leaning in to whisper to each other while keeping their eyes fixed upon their adversaries. Meriele and Ujai want to drop some fiery arcane hammer on their asses while Baldur thinks that something is amiss and perhaps diplomacy may be better met. Going with Baldur’s approach, but still expecting a fight, the group attempts to speak with the halfling. They quickly learn that he too is a wererat and that Malcolm was his brother. The group manages to intimidate Borlem Darano without letting him know that they slaughtered his brother mere minutes ago. The halfling bends to their intimidation, knowing that they must have bested his defensed to get to him and agrees to escort them to a passage into the catacombs of Spellgard. He also tells them that Thorin had come through that way but knows not what came of him after entering the catacombs… tombs which Borlem forbid his brothers to explore after many of them never came back. Borlem escorts the group to a room leading to the catacombs but warns them that he will be prepared for their return and if they do come back his way it will be as enemies and not friends.



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