Chaos In The Aftermath

Encounter with the Undead

Why don't they just stay dead?

The party continues on to find the last two captives. They soon stumble upon a scrying pool and after cautiously determining its nature, use it to determine that one of the remaining captives is nearby. The group moves into a darkened room, the only light provided by the magical glow from Meriele’s light spell cast on Baldur’s armor. As the group moves closer, they can see a young boy at the far end of the room. The boy realizes the group is comprised of rescuers and not captors and happily rises to great them. The boy might be dirty and tired but he seems to have weathered his captivity better than some of the other prisoners. He is especially happy to see that Jalissa is safe. Suddenly the boy interrupts the discussion and leaps to grab Baldur’s arm and full awareness: “Oh no they should be back soon, so stupid, I should have been paying attention.”

As Thurann finishes his sentence, a savage snarl is heard from the back of the room. In the darkness the party can barely make out Adronsius, who was hovering near the back of the group. Around his neck appears to be a pallid arm ending in a hand with vicious black claws. In the split second it takes them to make out the struggle the stench of death overtakes the group. Adronsius screams… “Arghh… you filthy beast, I ‘ll rip…”

But before the words can be completed, the ghoul bites into Adronsius’ neck and with a spurt of blood the dwarf goes limp and collapses. The other prisoners retreat into the dark corners of the room as the ghoul looks up from Adronsius’ limp figure and snarls. The battle with the undead does not go well. Baldur takes repeated punishment from two ghouls and is repeatedly immobilized. Meriele and Ujai manage to return the rest of the undead to the dead, but one remaining ghoul continues to harass Baldur. Nearing death, Baldur manages to recover and slash viciously at the ghoul. The ghoul, near death now itself, takes a final devasting bolt of crackling arcane energy from Ujai, once again covering Baldur in chunks of charred, bloody tissue.

As the battle ends, Adronsius begins stirring as the immobilizing effects of the ghouls bite begin to wear off. The boy suggests that these were the only guards he had ever seen in the area and introduces himself to the adventurers as Thurann, son of the captain of the guard. The group grows quiet as they come to understand the words’ meaning. Baldur decides to break the news of his father’s death to the boy. The boy is noticeable shaken by the news but manages to regain his composure. He requests that if possible they bring his father’s body back to Fallcrest so that he and his mother can give him a proper burial. Baldur readily agrees and Adronsius requests the honor of carrying the corpse, partially in hopes of finally feeling of some use to the group. After a few emotional moments, the boy tells Baldur that he knows where the final prisoner is being held.


The group discusses whether or not to head straight for the final prisoner or to continue searching for the remaining relics as well. In the end the group decides to continue deeper into the catacombs in hopes of recovering the stolen items before heading back toward the exit and the final prisoner.

A few rooms further in, the group finds the wight that the prisoners were meant to be sacrificed to. These undead go down much easier than those in the last battle, bringing a sigh of relief to the party. Baldur finds further delight in not needing to clean more fleshy remnants from his armor. After a quick inspection of the room, Meriele finds a Staff of Ruin and some additional gold. The group continues on and locates the last of the stolen artifacts. The group returns to reclaim Kartenix’s body and take a brief rest before continuing on for the final prisoner.



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