Chaos In The Aftermath


Tevinwerd at first appears to waver in the face of the dark creeper and ettercap onslaught but he stands fast and proves helpful to the team. The fight proceeds uneventfully and after besting their enemies the group continues up the tower.

On the next floor the group finds a large number of kobolds tending a kitchen led by a angry looking mage in long flowing robes. Noticing the group emerge from the staircase the mage sets the kobolds upon the party and unleashes a punishing series of spells. After taking substantial chain lighting damage, Tevinwerd looks about ready to turn tail but a quick word of encouragement from Baldur steadies him. The group makes quick work of the kobalds thanks to Ujaii’s Warlock’s Curse and some AoE spells from Meriele. After the fight, the group searches the room and avails themselves of the side of boar scorching in a blazing fireplace and two large tables strewn with foodstuffs. Feeling full and satiated the party continues up the tower leaving the hot and smoky chamber by way of a steel spiral staircase.



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