Chaos In The Aftermath

Arrival at Spellgard

Stupid Magical Tower

The group awakens from a nights sleep at the base of the Storm Horns and begins their remaining trek to the Fallen Lands. After a half a days walk the group is waylaid by a pack of wolves. The ferocious animals, hungry for a meal gang up on Meriele in hopes of an easy takedown. The adventurers pull together and easily defeat the wolf pack. After fixing up their light wounds they continue on their trek. The harsh and desolate plains of ancient Netheril take their toll on the group over the remainder of the journey. Initially the group’s endurance holds up well and they easily find food and water along the way. Baldur celebrates the seemingly easy journey by singing songs of joy and happiness as they walk. However, the group soon happens upon harder times and the songs fade to dirges as the group tires and slows. However, just as the day seems its bleakest, the group finds a lightly worn road and spots a tower on the horizon that must be the remains of Spellgard.

The party’s spirits return and they approach the ruins of Spellgard with new-found hope. As they approach they can see the vast piles of Spellgard rubble and the impressive Scepter Tower still intact and looming overhead. The group spots the Monastery of the Precipice and heads inside after deciding it looks safe enough.

The group is greeted by Brother Allendi and cordially invited for a drink of the Brothers’ own ale. Brother Allendi asks the group various questions regarding their motivations for visiting the ruins and the monastery. After the group convinces him their intentions are noble and they seek no harm against the Brothers or their patrons, Brother Allendi offers to answer any questions they may have and shows them around the monastery. Allendi also provides them with a rough map of the ruins and shows them a wall scroll holding some of the writings of Kuryon. The group decides the scroll may contain clues for winning an audience with The Lady and they transcribe a copy for themselves.

Baldur leads the group in conversation with other guests of the monastery though Meriele and Ujai seem tired and ready for a good nights rest in an actual bed. The group talks with Thurr Gargengrim, a dwarf trader who values the monks’ ale and whiskey; Sister Cherra, a one time seeker of the Lady who failed to find her lost brother and who now helps Brother Allendi and the monks; and Millek the Thrush, a young halfling recently arrived in Spellgard. Millek seems more willing to try to con the group out of their gold than to share any useful information. She nearly talks Baldur into a game of cards but is finally dissuaded by a more pragmatic Ujai who begins a path of intimidation which Baldur takes up wholeheartedly in the end. Under duress, the halfling does tell the group that she has seen some movement in the battlement of the Scepter Tower though no one has ever supposedly been able to gain entrance. She also notes that she has seen several dark hooded beings skulking around the ruins recently, gathering near ruined columns. The adventurers decide to rest for the night and set out and explore the Scepter Tower in the morning.


In the morning, the group eats a hardy breakfast and then heads out for the Tower. The group sees that there is only entrance and as they approach, a sudden flurry of arrows rains down upon them. They see several dark figures on the tower’s battlement, seemingly readying another round of arrows. The adventurers determine they are too far away to battle their attackers so they make a break for the lone tower door. They reach the large, heavy, wooden, reinforced door as more arrows rain down upon them. The arcane energy of the tower feels even more powerful now that they are in close proximity. Baldur decides to knock on the door and pretend to be one of the dark soldiers. A voice answers from inside but is more scared to open the door without direct orders from someone named “Thoran” than they are of Baldur shouting through a heavy magically reinforced door. Ujai and Meriele attempt various magical means of entry to no avail. Ujai finally unleashes a wave of elemental and arcane fury that does not even seem to scorch the massive door. The adventurers decide to retreat as they continue to take heavy damage from the falling arrows. Upon their retreat they here shouts of triumph from the battlements; they return to the monastery crestfallen.

They converse further with Brother Allendi and the Thurr. They discover that no one is aware that the Tower is now occupied, and Allendi is highly perplexed as the tower has remained empty and impenetrable for so many years. Others have, however, heard rumors of the dark figures and Brother Allendi tells them that the monks have tried to find out more about the dark beings to no avail. He suggests they may yet try the camp of a man named Kal Clewsoro. He is leery of all visitors and not very cooperative but Allendi hopes the party may have better luck with him than the monks have had.



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