Chaos In The Aftermath

A Door To Danger

The group approaches a large set of double doors at the top of a wide staircase. Over the doors hangs an ornate crest carved deeply into the rock; it’s meaning is not immediately apparent. Upon each of the two large, heavy oaken doors are a row of three iron tumblers, solid knobs of metal topped with an ornately engraved arrow. Around each of the six tumblers are a series of four symbols of unknown design. The group suddenly realizes that they may have just slain their best bet for gaining entrance to the Scepter Tower.

The group studies the doors, the crest, and the room itself hoping to discover how Thoran was apparently able to get through the doors himself. Their knowledge of religion helps them to recognize that the crest above the door appears to belong to the ancient red dragon Ashardalon. His followers were far more prevalent in the days of old Netheril, though they have now become nearly forgotten. Eventually this fact leads them to the conclusion that the script on the doors may in fact be long lost draconic and that the password discovered by Thoran may have been the draconic word for fortress. After a comprehend language ritual, the group is able to adjust the knobs and unlock the door mechanism.

The party reaches the first level of the Scepter Tower and discovers a magically locked room. They conclude that the runic lock may be keyed by the various pieces of alabaster they have been finding recently but it also seems that they have not yet collected all the necessary pieces.

The group proceeds up to the next level of the tower. A wide antechamber opens at the top of the stairs. Its worn carpet was once burgundy and gold, and the walls bear tattered tapestries showing the floating enclave cities of ancient Netheril. Along the east side of the antechamber, a shimmering curtain of translucent light hangs, filling the air from floor to ceiling. A wide corridor visible through the curtain leads to another set of stairs. Double doors are visible in the corridor’s north and south walls. The party approaches the shimmering curtain cautiously. They feel that there is no malevolence to it, but they decide to be careful. Baldur begins by throwing a coin through the light, which lands without event on the other side. Ujaii decides to test its effects on organic matter and throws part of her lunch down the hall, again with no reaction from the shimmering light. While now out a chicken leg, the group feels better that the curtain may merely be an ancient Netherse decoration. Baldur slowly puts his arm through and though he feels a slight tingling sensation on his skin he suffers no ill effects. While Ujaii and Meriele discuss what their next test if any should be, Baldur goes ahead and steps through the curtain. From the other side, he interrupts to state that, “See everything is fine.” Ujaii and Meriele erupt in a fit of laughter and finger pointing. Baldur looks down to discover that he is now completely naked. Panicked he runs back through the curtain but his clothing does not reappear, he is merely met with more snickering. Suddenly two human mages burst through the door behind Baldur and chaos ensues.

One of the mages takes several substantial hits from Ujaii and Meriele. Baldur is left without his sword or armor and feeling helpless. However, the group remembers that inanimate objects by themselves seemed to make it through the magical plane without any problem. Meriele unsheathes her eladrin longsword as Baldur charges back through the curtain at the nearest mage; Meriele simultaneously tosses the sword through the air. The toss is clean and the sword arrives at Baldur hilt down; he snatches the sword from the air above his head and brings it down on the mage in one clean, smooth motion. The mage attempts to protect himself with his staff but it is split asunder under the power of Baldur’s swing and Baldur buries the sword deep in the mage’s shoulder. He quickly turns aside as Ujaii follows-up with a devastating arcane blast that finishes off the mage and slams his bloody corpse into the far eastern wall.

The remaining mage retreats and asks for quarter. The group listens to his pleas and decides to spare him should he assist them in their endeavors, as the mage appears to be merely a mercenary and bears no loyalty to Thoran. After looting the area and allowing the mage Tevinwerd to retain his share of Thoran’s payments, the group proceeds up the eastern staircase. At the top of the stairs the group is spotted by a large group of dark creepers and ettercaps… Tevinwerd’s assistance may be essential for their survival, they just hope his loyalty doesn’t falter too quickly…



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